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The Good

This page collects some of the "bit part" characters who were either allied with the good guys, or not, y'know, evil...

Princess Keeli

Princess Keeli Name Princess Keeli
Sex Female
Age Older than she looks (suspended animation)s
First Appearance Episode 11
Survives? Yes, if you call turning into a rose surviving...
Origin Planet of War

If you're not familiar with the series you'll probably think I made some of that up. I didn't. The story goes that the Alliance attacked Keeli's planet, and because they dared to resist, the planet was seeded with war machines. Keeli was placed in suspended animation, broadcasting a distress signal. When Shiro, Hercules and Lee arrive in Dai-X to investigate the signal they revive Keeli.

Her story is interrupted by the arrival of Carter in an Imperial carrier. His fighters stir up the dormant war machines, forcing the lads to go to work in Dai-X. With the war machines finally out of commission, Keeli is able to rest and she transforms into a rose. Brian May's Star Fleet Project video borrows heavily from this episode and features Keeli's transformation right at the end - more information here.

Star Fleet Command

Number One Number Two Comms Officer Situations Officer Star Fleet Command Officer Star Fleet Command Officer Star Fleet Command Officer Star Fleet Command Officer

Going from left to right, the first two gentlemen are General Kyle's main command staff, "Number One" and "Number Two" - they don't actually get called anything in the series, although they are generally around when General Kyle is. The next five are support staff in General Kyle's command bunker, and the final individual is a missile base commander taking orders from General Kyle.

Earth Defence Force Pilots

Pluto Pilot Two pilots, from Pluto on the left and Ocean Fleet on the right. The former got blasted, the latter didn't, but only because he was fighting holograms... Ocean Pilot


Callinean King Callinean Queen Callinean Aide The Seer

The pacifist King and Queen of Callinean, and one of their aides. Finally, a non-speaking role, but a quietly significant one. The old guy staring into his crystal ball is, well, an old guy staring into a crystal ball - but not just any old guy. He's the seer who foretells that the infant Lamia will one day become a great power for good in the universe. I wrote a short story about him which you can read here.

Last updated 14 December 2013

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