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The Bad

These are some of the cogs in the Imperial Alliance war machine that made life harder for the X-Bomber's crew...

Termoids and the Bionic Assassin

Termoid On the left is an example of a Termoid, the standard Alliance soldier. Some fly fighters, some are bridge crew, others are ground soldiers. Unlike Makara and Orion, none of their biological components are visible. They have tails for balance.

Bionic Assassin On the right is a more specialised piece of Alliance technology developed by Caliban - the bionic assassin. Its sole purpose was to hunt down Lamia and either shoot her or poison her with its scythe arm. Dr Benn took it down at the cost of his own life in Episode 19.

The Executive Council

Executive Council 1 These, ah, gentlemen advise the Imperial Master (if he's in the mood) - their tag as the executive council is based on a comment made by Orion which suggests that Makara would have been promoted to the council. Executive Council 2

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