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Star Fleet Interviews

The cast and crew of X-Bomber and Star Fleet are still, for the most part, very active even today, 20 years on. More details about their work can be found in the Voice Actors section. However, it had never been my intention to try and really track any of them down. So when Toru Kubo, an original cast and crew member from Japan turned up on the forum, it had absolutely nothing to do with me and everything to do with Toru looking for X-Bomber sites on the Net. What were the odds...

Slightly more planned was the interview with Louis Elman, although it was someone's query on the old forum that prompted me on a search which, rather surprisingly, led to his contact details and the conversation which is recorded in this section. Paul Green's interview is the most recent and came about as a result of my noticing a curious search result which somehow managed to link Ghostbusters with the show - so again, I wasn't out to interview him as such, but his comments and artwork are a welcome addition to the site - and my thanks to all three gentlemen for their contributions.

Last updated 14 December 2013

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