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Star Fleet Genesis - The Seer's Tale

This is a short story I wrote in mid July 2001, as I had a lot of ideas bouncing round in my head, one of which involved doing a backstory - this isn't detailed but I quite like it anyway!

It has been said by some that history runs in cycles. Empires rise up and fall to be replaced by new empires. It is also said that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. There is merit in both these observations, but the truth lies above and beyond such minor insights. This is that the universe is simultaneously a force for creation and a force for destruction. At times we observe creation overcoming destruction, during others we observe destruction overcoming creation.

Three millennia ago, creation won out over destruction in this part of the universe. As time has passed, destruction has begun to re-assert itself. Dark energies have mustered themselves in preparation for the fall of light. As the balance has turned towards darkness, so has light begun to prepare itself for the conflict to come. The darkness is strong, now; perhaps too strong. But it fears the light and remains hidden in shadows of its own creation, biding its time, sending its agents forth to do its bidding.

An act of creation has brought light back into the universe. Less than a score of years remain until darkness attains its full strength, and the flame of hope is no more than an ember; weak, vulnerable. The darkness knows that hope has been born, and its agents are sent out into the universe to destroy all signs of creation. They fall upon the planet nurturing the ember but do not extinguish it, and the ember is cast out to find a new home.

The fuel for the ember seeks refuge elsewhere and I watch as the fragile ember falls towards a world of sunsets. A silver creature approaches it and I fear for the ember; but it grows stronger while the darkness tears apart other worlds outside its sanctuary. With only a single year of its adopted world remaining before the ember bursts into full flame, I finally feel the darkness approaching. But there is light beyond the ember in this place, a strength born of unity which may yet delay the darkness and allow the ember to find the fuel it needs to become the inferno; the only chance for creation to once again win out against destruction.

I did not survive the destruction of the ember's homeworld, but my spirit remains for I was given the gift of sight. I knew the ember for what it was, and should it become the inferno I will join with it then to await the time when the sight will once again be needed to find hope in the darkness.

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