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Other 80s Stuff

News February 2006 Although not strictly 80s, a bunch of nostalgia inspiring shows have just been released by Abbey Home Media on DVD. See this page for more information. The titles include Paddington Bear and the Wombles!

News: Since this section of the site was first set up, Terrahawks has been released on DVD - more details on the dedicated page; and it's not alone. You can also now download a large selection of short video clips from the multimedia section which will remind you of many cartoons from the 80s. Enjoy!

Do not adjust your monitor. Yes, this site is indeed supposed to be about Star Fleet. However, back when the Adamantium Archipelago was the site I was devoting all of my energies to, Star Fleet was only one part of the site and other elements which had an air of nostalgia to them filled the rest of the site. I'm very much a child of the 1980s, and a section of the Archipelago was aimed fairly and squarely at my childhood memories.

What putting SFXB together has shown me (amongst other things) is that there are a lot of other people out there that share those memories. It's only now in late 2001 with other sites taking up the Star Fleet baton that I've been able to return to this topic. Star Fleet isn't the only 1980s show which lodged itself into my psyche in some way, shape or form. There were other shows, and books, and games, that were around in the 80s which were also feeding my hunger for entertainment and escapism.

There are several very good sites which cover virtually every aspect of the 80s. In terms of volume of material, this isn't going to be one of them. This section of SFXB will simply touch on, and remind you of, things that had an impact on me - rather than trying to be incredibly comprehensive. That said, I think you'll probably find that as I expand this section you'll come across stuff you remember regardless. Part of the reason I'm doing this under SFXB is that if you were into Star Fleet, odds are you were into other stuff I was watching (and reading, and playing) at the time too.

Please note that because the scope of this section is limited, and the time available to me is finite, I'm not going to be entertaining requests for additions - I'll just be plodding along at my own pace. The pages will be relatively short (but illustrated whenever possible) and I'll link to more comprehensive sites which should satisfy your desire to know more about a given topic. On with the nostalgia fest...!

Last updated 14 December 2013

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