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Commander Makara

Commander Makara Name Commander Makara
Sex Biologically Female, Technologically Male
Age Unknown
First Appearance Episode 1
Survives? No - killed by Dai-X in Episode 22
Origin Thalian Zone
Commander Makara's symbiote

Commander Makara was Evil. The capitalisation is intentional. Hot, in a weird cyborgy way, but Evil. As evidenced by Princess Keeli's testimony, Makara had been dominating entire planets for some time before the events in Star Fleet. Earth would have been no exception if that'd been her primary mission, but it wasn't. Instead, the Imperial Master had sent her to identify and capture the F-01 which the Imperial Alliance believed to be in Earth's solar system. They were spot on - but unfortunately hadn't planned on encountering the advanced weapons of X-Bomber and, subsequently, Dai-X.

As with all high-ranking Imperials, Makara has a symbiote which speaks with/for her when the Imperial Master appears (top right). Unfortunately even it can't save Makara's sanity when she allows Dai-X to rescue Lamia having finally captured her. At this point Makara stops playing nice and decides it would be best to simply kill Lamia, rather than capturing her as ordered by the Imperial Master.

Having failed to defeat X-Bomber on Callinean, she refuses to return to base and is killed in the next episode when Dai-X launches a direct assault on her cruiser. Although defeated, she's managed to blow up several dozen Earth ships, along with Pluto Alpha Base, and also killed off two of Star Fleet Command's key personnel along the way. Unfortunately the Imperial Master was a hard bloke to please...

Played by:
Denise Bryer

Webmaster - note that Denise also did Terrahawks at around the time of Star Fleet and had worked with Gerry Anderson more than 20 years previously on Four Feather Falls; it's not clear whether it was her Star Fleet work that led her to do Terrahawks or her earlier work with Anderson.

Actress - filmography

Labyrinth (1986) (voice) .... The Junk Lady
Return to Oz (1985) (voice) .... Billina ... aka Adventures of the Devil from the Sky, The (1985) ... aka Oz (1985)
Walt Disney Comedy and Magic Revue, The (1985) (V) .... Billina
"Terrahawks" (1983) TV Series (voice) - (webmaster - believe she was Zelda)
"Four Feather Falls" (1960) TV Series .... Ma Jones/Little Jake (voices)
"Adventures of Twizzle, The" (1957) TV Series .... Twizzle (voice)

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