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Star Fleet Articles

The extensive Manga Max article on Star Fleet formed the core of what was SFXB's Origins section for quite a while. However, the Origins section was getting a little crowded because I'd been shoehorning interviews into it as well. So with the arrival of my new-and-improved colour scanner and some new material I've decided to split the Origins section into this section, Articles, and an Interviews section. I think there'll now be just about enough material in each to justify their independence!

So, as mentioned above, this section includes the Manga Max article which is quite long but tells you virtually everything you could want to know about Star Fleet's origins as X-Bomber and includes some great artwork. What's new is the Fantastic Films article which is referenced by the Manga Max article but which I only bought from the USA in 2002. It's interesting because it dates from 1981 when Star Fleet hadn't yet been made as we know it, so it's all about X-Bomber. Again, some interesting artwork.

In light of Paul Green's contribution to the site I've critiqued the Star Fleet Annual in greater detail than I've done in the past and also considered the Look In comics.

To round it all off, I'm going to throw in the mentions this site has had in the wider Science Fiction world. Which currently total 2. And one of those was an email from me. Yeah, well! Incidentally, I haven't referenced other web sites here because they're covered in the Links section.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this new section. If anyone would like to write a critique of some aspect of the series feel free to submit it to me for publishing here or post it on the forum.

Last updated 14 December 2013

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