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Supporting SFXB

There are several ways you can support this site - you can drop me a line, you can send me stuff you'd like to see here or you can use one of the e-commerce stylee retailers below to help me with the running costs of the site! With the arrival of Star Fleet on DVD, you can also support the site and see the series again by using the links on the right to buy it!

If you'd like some more specific suggestions in keeping with the tone of this site, try the 80s Merchandise page as well.

When these pages started out life in 1999, they happily sat on the sort of account you get with a normal ISP - around 20 MB of space. The amount of material I've gathered over the last few years has been far greater than that, so in June 2001 I finally coughed up for more than 10 times that amount of space, plus my own domain name.

The upshot of this is that there's a real cost to me in running this site. So I've decided to dabble with a bit of e-commerce and sign up with some associate programs. Listed above are the various programs I've signed up to. Some generate revenue if you just sign up, others you actually have to register with and use before I get any return.

So, if there's something you're after and you're comfortable buying stuff on-line, please do so through this site every now and again if you feel like supporting these pages. Not only will this help pay for this site, it'll also keep me interested in keeping the site maintained! The firms listed above are either ones I use myself or ones that are "big guns".

Last updated 14 December 2013

Star Fleet on DVD

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