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Captain Orion

Captain Orion Name Captain Orion
Sex Male
Age Indeterminate
First Appearance Episode 1
Survives? No - commits suicide in Episode 22
Origin Thalian Zone

Captain Orion was the Frank Spencer of the Imperial Alliance. Desperately keen to impress Commander Makara, and yet almost incapable of actually getting the job done right. He does fine against normal foes, but when confronted with X-Bomber or the Skull he can never quite handle it and Makara has to take over as Orion screams "Retreat!" at his confused termoid crew!

It was, therefore, only fitting that he be mortally wounded by, of all things, a falling girder (!) towards the end of the series. The realisation that he was going to die gave him one last spark of self worth and he took his carrier out to take on X-Bomber one-to-one, finally committing suicide by smashing it, aflame, straight into X-Bomber. The irony is that the damage he caused forced Dai-X to launch to take on Makara's cruiser, which in turn led to the deaths of Caliban and Makara. You win some, you lose some...!

Played by:
Sean Barrett

Webmaster note - Sean Barrett has also done some work dubbing other anime titles. He also seems to have done some work for the BBC's Look and Read series - more details here.

Actor - filmography

Labyrinth (1986) (voice) (uncredited) .... Goblin
Return to Oz (1985) (voice) .... Tik-Tok ... aka Adventures of the Devil from the Sky, The (1985) ... aka Oz (1985)
Devastator, The (1985) .... College Kid #3 ... aka Destroyers, The (1985) ... aka Kings Ransom (1985)
Dark Crystal, The (1982) .... Dying Master

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