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PPA Name Perfectly Programmed Android (PPA)
Sex Neutral
Age Unknown
First Appearance Episode 1
Survives? Yes
Origin Earth

PPA is what I like to call a RAC - a Really Annoying Character. His primary function appears to be annoying all the oh-so-inferior humans around him. He becomes incredibly indignant when they don't follow his commands. Admittedly, there are some real comedy moments where PPA completely loses it due to outside influences and he has some entertaining encounters with Hercules. There are also moments where PPA actually is, to varying degrees, responsible for helping to save the crew - but otherwise his bark tends to be worse than his bite...

Played by:
John Baddeley

Webmaster note - it seems that John Baddeley may also have been a character in the long-running radio play the Archers along with Garrick Hagon (Captain Carter) - see this page for details.

Actor - filmography

Death Train, The (1998) (TV) (voice) .... Narrator
Blore M.P. (1989) (TV) .... Mr. Brackley
Absurd Person Singular (1985) (TV) .... Dick Potter
Dark Crystal, The (1982) (voice) .... Historian
Cathy Come Home (1965) (TV) ... aka Wednesday Play: Cathy Come Home (1965) (TV) (UK)

Notable TV guest appearances

"Paul Merton in Galton and Simpson's..." (1996) playing "George" in episode: "Lift, The" (episode # 1.7) 1996
"Upper Hand, The" (1990) playing "James" in episode: "Moonlighting" (episode # 6.1) 1/6/1995

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