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Kirara Name Kirara
Sex Indeterminate
Age Indeterminate
First Appearance Episode 1
Survives? Uncertain - blown into space in Episode 24
Origin Esper?

Kirara is a real enigma - not helped by the fact that he/she only grunts for the duration of the series! It was present when Professor Hagen found Lamia in a capsule on Mars and seems to be one part nursemaid, one part bodyguard. It puts itself in harm's way more than once to save Lamia and is ferocious in dealing with threats.

The reason I've said "Survives? Uncertain" is that Kirara is hit by Alliance weapons fire and blown off the deck of the Skull in the final episode. For any other character I'd have called that game over, but Kirara is shot earlier in the series and survives, and is also shown to be able to run around quite happily in an oxygen deprived habitat. Lamia also doesn't mention Kirara in her farewell speech, so in Genesis I have Kirara forming part of a triad which is the F-01 - not canon, but...

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