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Scattered throughout this site are mentions of various people who, one way or another, have helped in its creation. Whilst many people assume that I've created 100% of this site, the reality is that whilst I'm 100% responsible for what eventually appears on it I can only claim credit for authorship of perhaps 75% of it - for example, the Voice Actors section and most of the Origins section weren't written by me. I've decided that I need to make this more obvious by gathering together the names of all the people who've contributed on one page - this page!

This list is not exhaustive - just by contributing to the forum, or sending me an email about your memories of the show that the site's brought back, you're indirectly helping to support this site. But there are a lot of those sort of people and it would be impossible to list you all - so this list tries to capture the people mentioned elsewhere on the site, as well as the other webmasters whose sites celebrate the memory of the series. It's 2010 - more than 20 years on from the first UK showing - and Star Fleet is still alive and kicking on DVD. Credit where credit's due.

In alphabetical order:

  • Phil Ayres
  • David Balson
  • James Bird
  • Jim Box
  • D C Chappel
  • Simon Charest
  • Doryen Chin
  • Simon Coverdale
  • Nigel Critten
  • Graham Dawson
  • Eric DeBock
  • DJ Dust
  • Sean Eaton
  • Mike Egerton
  • Kevin Finnegan
  • Barry Furby
  • Jim Goddard
  • Phil Hamblet
  • Scott Hart
  • Richard Holt
  • Gareth Jones
  • Mary Lou
  • Cindy Noble
  • Michael Noyce
  • Justin Palmer
  • Shane Perry
  • Olivier Putschkar
  • Brad Smith
  • Chris Snape
  • Paul Snowball
  • Espen Solheim
  • Dave Surridge
  • Derek Tate
  • Toby Thorp
  • Ishvar Vershan
  • Phillip Wright
  • spyridon xydeas

Special thanks to:

  • Boolia
  • Louis Elman
  • Toru Kubo
  • Steve Kyte
  • Eleanor Oguma
  • Peter Weir
  • Fabulous Films

If you feel you should be included please let me know - the site's been going for 5 years plus now so I'm bound to have missed someone significant!

Last updated 14 December 2013

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