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Star Fleet Genesis - Storyline

With the screenplays for the demo completed, it's time for me to start coming up with an extended story concept. Quite a few ideas have been bouncing round the forum and I've commented on a few of them, but although a couple of people have seen some drafts of outlines most are in the dark about how this story will go.

Although I'm tempted to post the outline here, in the tradition of the series I'm going to do this chapter by chapter. So every other week or so, depending on how things go, I'll write and post the next chapter. These aren't screenplays - and they're probably not quite full creative writing either. Those of you familiar with the look and feel of the series won't need the general surroundings described to you in massive detail, so I'm going to keep the writing relatively slim on the decription of ships etc. front.

In terms of style - I'm going to keep it not too far off the approach in the original series. So it isn't going to be particularly "kiddie". In terms of plot - well, that would be telling! What I will say is that if all goes well, Shane's comic The Revenge of Makara will fit in nicely after the storyline in my work.

The chapter headings are listed below as a taster of what's to come - as and when they're written they'll become hyperlinks to the relevant chapter. Please use the forum to give feedback, or contact me directly. Enjoy!

Prologue and Dark Rising
Cat and Mouse
Remembrance and Early Warning
Dark Gathering and Chill Out
Sin and Redemption
Point of No Return
Dark Zenith
The Fall
The Rise
Journey's End

Well, it's 30 December 2001 and all the chapters are up! Did it with a day to spare! Too tired to do a commentary on the completed story just now, but I'll be adding one shortly. Woo hoo!

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