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Star Fleet Genesis - Demo Storyboards

I've purposefully not bothered to thumbnail these as you'll know what they are. They're quite big dimensions wise so they'll open in a new window as per normal. Only about 20K each though. Try not to laugh out loud when you see them - you might get funny looks from anyone around you. Comments on the forum (he says, bracing himself...!) Now, thanks to Nigel wanting some prettier storyboards and my being hopeless at graphics, the one and only Shane from Big Dai-X who's responsible for the Revenge of Makara comic has jumped in to help out. I've made some minor additions, but the beautifully crafted versions full colour versions of my cack hand drawn efforts displayed below are 99.9% Shane's work. Click on the thumbnails to view the full size pages. If you read the text on mine you'll see how the colour ones fit in - I didn't want to wreck them by putting text and movement arrows on them...

Storyboard 1 to 6 Storyboard 7 to 12 Storyboard 13 to end

Note that the storyboards don't go as far as the original screenplay, as the combined Dai-X may be something to be looked at later rather than for this demo - Nigel's doing all the models from scratch as it is...

Last updated 14 December 2013

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