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These pages look at all the main characters in Star Fleet, along with the majority of the more minor ones. Clicking on the portraits of most of the characters will play a short sound sample of them. For larger images, have a look at the gallery section. Be warned, there are spoilers in this section about the sometimes sticky endings of the characters!

This section also includes what used to be the voice actors section, which was originally put together for SFXB by Toby Thorp. So where possible the information on the characters will be followed by details about the voice actors who played them for the English dub, so that all the information is in one place. Incidentally, some voice actors played more than one part but the information given here will be based on the show's credits.

The voice actor information also includes direct links to their IMDB pages, and any other links that are relevant. You can also find information on the voice actors and other staff by using Star Fleet's entry in the Internet Movie Database as a jumping off point. Note that the first names in the list are the voice actors for X-Bomber, the Japanese series Star Fleet is derived from. It's a good entry but I can't claim full responsibility for it - I submitted some details but the Japanese side of it is far more detailed than anything I could have done.

These are the primary roles credited to the voice actors:

Captain Carter...Garrick Hagon
General Kyle...Kevin Brennan
Dr Benn Robinson...Peter Marinker
Shiro Hagen...Jay Benedict
Barry Hercules...Constantine Gregory
John Lee...Mark Rolston
PPA...John Baddeley
Princess Lamia...Liza Ross
Commander Makara...Denise Bryer
Captain Orion...Sean Barrett
The Imperial Master...Jacob Whitkin

Last updated 14 December 2013

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