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Caliban Name Caliban
Sex Male
Age Indeterminate
First Appearance Episode 19
Survives? No, killed by Dai-X in Episode 22
Origin Thalian Zone

Caliban appears completely out of the blue very late on in the series. He's unlike Makara and Orion in that he doesn't appear to have a symbiote as such and is silver skinned. His origins aside, what does become apparent is that he's an Evil Genius TM, probably drafted in because of the difficulties Makara has faced in trying to fight the advanced weaponry of X-Bomber and Dai-X.

Despite his relatively brief appearance in the series, like most characters in Star Fleet, he's got some nice lines and his inventions do appear to pose a real threat to X-Bomber and its crew - after all, one succeeds in killing Dr Benn...

Last updated 14 December 2013

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