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Captain Halley

Captain Halley Name Captain Halley
Sex Male
Age Thirties?
First Appearance Episode 14 (in person)
Survives? As F-01, yes
Origin Esper

Captain Halley is the skipper of the Skull, the ship which both evades and assists X-Bomber during the first half of the story. It isn't until Episode 16 that we learn of the Skull's escape from the planet Esper with the infant Lamia on board - although not stated explictly it seems likely that Halley was on board the Skull at that time and comes from Esper himself. Dr Benn accepts him at face value, but Shiro is much less keen because of Halley's aim to "become one" with Lamia. As it turns out, Shiro probably couldn't have imagined what he really meant by that phrase...

As a character, we don't see a massive amount of Halley but what is clear is that he's caught between his desire to help defeat the Alliance and his need to stay alive to see in the year 3000 with Lamia. His situation is further complicated by the fact that the planet the Esper refugees have escaped to, Callinean, has a pacifist ruler - so he really doesn't want to draw the defenceless world into the conflict. Finally, though, the Alliance make the decision for him...

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