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Star Fleet Genesis

Star Fleet Genesis logo by David Balson The original intention of this site was simply to remind people of a series I remembered vividly from my childhood. Over time that simple ambit has grown, with more people contributing to the site. With the addition of the Manga Max article and Toru's input the site's even become known as the "Official" Star Fleet X-Bomber Homepage. Now that the right holders have been identified, it's possible that the original series will see a modern re-release.

As of late June 2001, another possibility has come into being. It's one that has crossed my mind (and been discussed on the forum) before, but which I didn't have the skill to execute. It's simply this - with the availability of tools like Lightwave and increasing PC power, could you re-make Star Fleet using CGI? For Nigel Critten the answer to that is "Yes." This isn't going to happen overnight, and initially we're only talking about a 5 minute demo animation. If that's successful things may develop further.

Star Fleet Genesis is the working title I've picked for this "little" project. I'm working on the screenplay/storyboarding side of things, as I have some experience of 3D work myself and I'm reasonably well read on how you put these things together. Not that I've ever done anything on this scale, mind you... This section of the site will be a project log. Nigel and I would welcome any suggestions, support and so on you can give - please feel free to use the forum for this. If necessary, I'll set up a dedicated one. Thanks to David Balson for producing the logo. Wish us luck!

Last updated 14 December 2013

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