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Star Fleet Genesis - Audio Drama

A lot of SFXB's content comes from people who have a passion for the series, and this is a shining example of that type of content. I put the first parts of the Genesis storyline up literally years ago, and then in 2007 along comes Ben Page asking if he an adapt them into an audio drama. These sorts of things often don't happen, but then one day I found an email in my inbox with a zip file attached. Put it onto my iPod, and was duly stunned as I listened to what was a very professional sounding audio recreation of the first chapter of the Geneis storyline, Dark Rising. You can download the trailer and the full episode below, along with other episodes as they become available.

Download the Dark Rising Audio Drama Trailer

Download the Dark Rising Audio Drama Zip file

Ben used a combination of his own machine's software, sound effects donated by others and the voice talents of recruits from a web site to create the audio files. Please pass feedback on to me or alternatively ask me to add you to the forum so you can post feedback there.

Last updated 14 December 2013

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