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80s Merchandise

News - see the new Classic Animation page for details of new DVD releases of many old favourites, including Paddington Bear and the Wombles!

What goes around, comes around, as they say. So it is that we start to find ourselves hit by repeats and re-releases of shows only dimly recalled from our childhood (speaking as an 80s child). Unfortunately the cult nature of a lot of these shows tends to mean that their release is met with little fanfare - for example, outside of the Gerry Anderson community I doubt many people have noticed the release of Terrahawks on DVD.

I already post relevant adverts for shows that I cover here if they've had a DVD release; what I'm going to do on this page is draw your attention to some other releases which might spark you memories. You could then take advantage of the intelligence of Amazon's site by looking at what else the people who bought these items are buying to discover more titles. Also, don't forget that SFXB has a forum for discussing the 80s. You can also find multimedia clips here which will prompt your memories - ironically since making some of those clips the DVDs have now been released, and I link to them on that page as I hear about them.

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It's not just DVDs that are coming out of course - if you want to remind others of series perhaps you'd like to go around town in an appropriate T Shirt? I can do the occasional Star Fleet shirt (see this page) but for a wider range, including the Batman shirt pictured, try

Buy this shirt at
Batman at

The title links below will take you to Amazon, which will give you information on the product and related items automatically. Alternatively, use this search box to look for something that's just come to you but I haven't mentioned.


  • Bananaman
    • Possibly the greatest advert for bananas ever?!
  • Dungeons and Dragons
    • Eagerly awaited - a group of kids battle Venger with the aid of Dungeon Master while trying to find a way back home. Links to the complete series.
  • The Transformers Complete Original Series
    • This is a big DVD box set that I own. A massive amount of material and all the original G1 versions of the Autobots and Decepticons, none of this new "My name's Optimus Prime and I'm a fire truck" malarkey! The series continues to be released on DVD.
  • Thundercats Series One
    • At long lost, the Thundercats and Thunderkittens are out on DVD in the UK; I only realised when I saw THAT symbol on HMV's DVD shelves and not on a T Shirt! Hoooooo!
  • Ulysses 31
    • A science fiction re-relling of Homer's Odyssey as Ulysses battles the Gods to find his way home to Earth.

Other out and out classics like Roobarb, Willow the Wisp, Moschops and Ludwig are also available - see some here!


  • The Dark Crystal
    • Classic Henson, with some really nasty characters... (Spot the Star Fleet link)
  • Dune
    • Includes Patrick Stewart, Dean Stockwell - it can't be all bad!
  • ET
    • Probably hasn't passed you by, but it's such a great movie it's worth reminding you of I'm sure you'll agree!
  • Gremlins
    • Do not feed them after midnight!
  • Highlander
    • There can be only one - and they really should have left it at this one!
  • Labyrinth
    • Classic Henson, with a young Jennifer Connelly and a not so young David Bowie! (Spot the Star Fleet link)

TV Series

  • Battlestar Galactica
    • Recently reinvented (and nicely done) this, however, is the original series om DVD with everyone having their original sex and skin colour (!)
  • Red Dwarf Series 1
    • Possibly the funniest of the Dwarf seasons, and apparently the extras on the discs are excellent. You still 'ere?!
  • Space 1999
    • Past its, ah, blast-off date now (!) but having recently seen a couple of episodes on DVD it remains one of my favourite series - both realistic and yet also very surreal at times!
  • Star Cops
    • A BBC show from back in the days when the BBC still did "proper" science fiction in-house!
  • The Tripods
    • A high quality BBC series telling the story of mankind "capped" by aliens piloting towering tripod machines.
  • UFO
    • Ironically set in 1980, but I don't think I saw it until after then! A typically out-there live action show from Gerry Anderson.
  • V
    • Independence Day eat your heart out. I was probably too young to have been watching this series when it came out - small furry animal lovers be warned!

If you have any other suggestions along these lines that you think would appeal please let me know, or mention them on the forum...

Last updated 14 December 2013