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The most recent news can be read in the Forum announcement section. As announced there on 17 November 2010, SFXB is now essentially a static site following the release of the DVD and sountrack and my less than perfect health. That said, do e-mail me if you would like to see any changes and I may still be able to update the site.

3 May 2008 - Hopefully in just under 2 months we should be able to get Star Fleet, as it was originally shown in the UK, on DVD. Shortly before then, my first child will have arrived into the world. So somewhat ironically, at the time when you might expect me to be doing a lot here, I'm actually going to have very different priorities! So, whilst enjoying the DVD, please spare a thought for me and my sleepless nights! I've given Fabulous Films some input on the content, which has been great, and I hope all the fans old and new will enjoy it. Please do post on the forum, which is accepting new members automatically again. See you out there...

12 April 2007 - This is a slight break with tradition, but this was such a major update it seems appropriate to slot it in here rather than just on the forum. A few months ago I realised that CSS was now increasingly being used as the standard for creating websites that load faster and whose structure is more intelligible than those using tables for layout. Which SFXB was until a few days ago. Of course, that sounds simple, but the reality is far from it. Different browsers, particularly older ones, interpet CSS differently. So it's been quite tricky to come up with a design that keeps all browsers happy, and so any feedback on problems would be welcomed.

On the plus side, someone reading the site in a text-only browser (for example, someone who's blind) should find it easier to read now. It also has nicer dropdowns (although they were a pain to work out!) that aren't Javascript dependent. The layout is largely the same, but the header navigation now includes a search option and your current section is indicated by a difference in colour in the section navigation strip based on the page you're looking at. When life is less hectic I'll look at prettying things up a little, but otherwise I hope this new design will grow on you...

18 September 2004 - Hmmmm. Been a while, hasn't it? Anyway, Justin Palmer's creation of a new article on the Japanese toys has prompted me to do an update and so as well as adding his work into the scheme of things I'll also generally dust down the place. Still no word on an official English DVD release I'm afraid, but other shows continue to appear so hope remains...

31 May 2004 - Actual new content added! With the arrival of the series on DVD, I've put together a Visionaries, Knights of the Magical Light page. The video sequence of the intro has been on SFXB for a while, but having the DVD made it much easier to get some grabs to do a full page. The entire series is out for a tenner or less, so it's well worth a look, and contains all the scripts. I've also added some new video intros to the 80s multimedia section as I've got a little more space to play with on the site. Slightly different format as they're based on my VCD style clips, but basically the same as the others.

4 April 2004 - Well, it's been a while since I posted here, hasn't it? The forum remains fairly active, and the site itself is still being linked to on quite a regular basis. This update fixes a couple of issues with links, and adds in some new merchandise links as the scope of re-releases continues to grow. Also adds in Brian May's comments on the site into the site proper (posted in the forum earlier). BlackStar just changed its name to Sendit, so every page on this site has just been updated! All good fun...

1 June 2003 - Finally got around to updating the style of a couple of the pages in the Gallery section to use newer images over the past couple of weeks. Most recent addition is to the Genesis section which is a long overdue update page featuring a collection of images previously only available to readers of the forum. Well worth checking out.

4 May 2003 - Having hit eBay hard to get hold of the majority of the issues, the Look In article now contains all the comics, features and even gallery and letter pages mentioning the show. Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds are now out on DVD, incidentally..!

15 March 2003 - Well well, it's been a little while since I posted anything here, hasn't it? Suffice to say that real life has been keeping me busy of late, and so this is more a retrospective news update than anything else. A few weeks ago I decided to update the forum software, converting it from pure CGI to a SQL driven board. Despite a couple of false starts it's now up and running and seems pretty happy, and offers new features like polls which the previous incarnation didn't. There are a few other things in the pipeline which I want to try and get done, but as I mentioned, I've had a lot of other (good) things on my plate lately so whilst the ideas are still bouncing around inside my head they haven't really seen the light of day just yet. Stay tuned to this frequency, or however the saying goes...

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