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Professor Hagen

Professor Hagen Name Professor Hagen
Sex Male
Age Forties?
First Appearance Episode 20 (non-flashback)
Survives? Yes
Origin Earth

Professor Hagen is apparently Shiro's father - "apparently" because certain elements of the storyline don't quite work with his being both Shiro's father and Lamia's adoptive father. He may, it's been suggested, be Shiro's Uncle or similar instead. Whichever is the case, he started the X-Project which led to the creation of X-Bomber and Dai-X but disappeared before they were built, and was assumed dead.

As it turns out he'd set out on the same mission as X-Bomber - to discover Lamia's true heritage. When his ship ran into difficulty he was rescued by Captain Halley and taken to Callinean where he's stayed hidden ever since having discovered the truth about Lamia - possibly because the Alliance might have realised why he was heading back to Earth from Callinean if he'd returned earlier. He hasn't been idle though - ever the inventor, he's built a massive cannon to defend Callinean from the Alliance. Once they're driven off, he joins the X-Bomber in place of Dr Benn and helps Lamia as she develops into the F-01.

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