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Action Shows

These shows brightened up wet Saturday afternoons for many kids in the UK, and I imagine in the US as well, during the 1980s. Unlike the animated shows covered in this section of SFXB, these shows are more mainstream as they're live action and so appeal to a wider audience. Some have aged better than others, but seeing them again on DVD really does bring those memories back and it's great to be able to skip to the explosive finale of an episode!

Incidentally, although I'm not doing "request" pages as such, the number of shows I cover will probably grow dependent on the availability of material for them - which basically means a few images, a logo, and possibly something larger to download. So if you do have material about shows which are similar to the ones already covered please feel free to forward it to me. If it's about a show I'm intending to cover then you'll be credited appropriately.

If you're after information on shows not mentioned here, your best bet is to check the 80s specific links page which will point you in the direction of various sites which specialise in providing this sort of content and links to it.

Last updated 14 December 2013

Star Fleet on DVD

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