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Star Fleet Links

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If you would like to include a link to SFXB on your own site, please feel free to use one of these graphics - appropriate HTML to copy and paste appears below each one: - the Star Fleet X-Bomber Homepage

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Whilst I would love to take credit for all the content in these pages, I just can't do it. So included in this links section are all the other sites I've come across on my travels which were of use to me in putting this one together (assuming they're still around) and the new ones which have come about since my pages went up. This page deals with the latter - see the other links pages for sites which deal with Star Fleet, X Bomber or Bomber X in passing.

English Language Star Fleet Sites

  • Star Fleet X Bomber Game Homepage - I've been remiss in not adding a link to this site, for which I can only apologise to the author of the game, Crash Override. This is an unofficial game based on the show, in the form of a classic 2D upward scrolling shoot 'em up. Rather like Genesis it takes place after the time of the original series and features modern renditions of the classic ships, plus much more - including a backstory. Well worth a look. Crash is on the forum here, so comment here or at his site.

  • Big Dai-X was the reincarnation of BrainCom, Shane Perry's original Star Fleet site. After some time off-line, it's now back at this new location in a new format - good to have it back!

  • F Zero One features extended information on merchandise, improved episode guides with many screen grabs and, uniquely, mp3 files of a growing number of episodes. Definitely worth a visit. DJ Dust is also the creator of the web ring linked to from the home page of this site.

  • SF Project Dave's Flash driven site providing information on the show and original content.

  • Dai-X Junction is unusual in that it has some original material based on the series. Ishvar also asked my permission before borrowing my graphics and links back here, so full marks! URL changed June 2003.

  • Phil Ayres' Star Fleet Site was one of the first new sites and features scans of old Star Fleet Look In material, an episode guide and extensive details of the various videos available.

  • Another Phil's Star Fleet Site which if he's honest about it (and he is!) is actually a blatant rip off of the 1984 Annual's biographies and equipment details, but there're some very nice colour scans along with them (of annual content!) so despite the lack of originality it's still a good couple of pages to visit. Phil also looks after a Terrahawks and other associated Gerry Anderson sites at the same location.

  • Espen Solheim's Star Fleet page was not found when last checked (17/12/04).

  • Enoki Films USA apparently no longer have the international rights to the English version of the show, but this page was still up on their server although not actively linked to from their current pages when last checked (17/12/04).

Last updated 14 December 2013

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