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Other Mecha

This section is a catch-all for anything that doesn't quite fit elsewhere. This includes some non-mobile installations and alien technology which doesn't belong to the Alliance (as far as we know). In no particular order...

A tank and fighter from the Planet of WarThese tanks and fighters were stirred up by the evil Captain Carter on Princess Keeli's planet. It's not clear whether they're a part of the planet's original defence forces turned into automatons by the Alliance or pre-programmed Imperial Alliance war machines. Either way, despite spending a lot of time inert they are still potent weapons as Hercules finds out when MainBody is damaged by their attacks. Both the tanks and the fighters seem to use projectile weapons rather than beam weapons.

Lamia's capsuleThis is the capsule which was found on Mars by Professor Hagen near the Mars Institute, containing the baby Lamia and Kirara. It's likely that the Skull was responsible for its launch.

Alien derelictThis derelict spacecraft was used to lure the Dai-X components off X-Bomber, allowing Caliban's bionic assassin to board LegTrax and subsequently X-Bomber.

Professor Hagen's shipProfessor Hagen piloted this craft out of the Solar System in search of answers about Lamia's origin, but it broke down and he was then rescued by the Skull.

Alliance holographic emitterAlthough this is an Imperial Alliance device, I'm not sure it falls under the "ships" heading as such. It's used to project holograms of Imperial Fighters which EDF sensors read as real contacts as part of the "FG" operation.

X-Bomber escape podJust for the sake of completion, this is the (escape?) pod fired from X-Bomber to eject the Termoid Trojan horse.

Hagen's cannonThis is Hagen's Cannon in action, a massive ground based beam weapon on the planet Callinian designed to repel Imperial forces. In reality it's something of a "use only once" weapon, because it could only hit a target within a very limited area. So once you know about it, all you have to do is park yourself in orbit on the far side of the planet and you're safe!

EDF missile batteryThese missiles are part of Earth's last line of defence - unfortunately they never actually get fired in the series, because the Alliance has a nasty habit of blowing them up on their launch racks!

There are a few other bits and pieces in the series, like Imperial gun emplacements on Jupiter and Imperial missiles on the Glacial Prison planet, but I had to draw the line somewhere!

Last updated 14 December 2013

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