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Imperial Fortress

The Imperial FortressAlthough the Imperial Fortress appears fairly early in the series, it's only towards the final episodes that you discover that it can a) move and b) blow stuff up! Yes, in the finest traditions of the Death Star and heavily armoured space fortresses everywhere, the Imperial Master's base of operations kicks ass. However, unlike other impregnable fortresses, this one actually does seem to be impregnable! By the final episode it's managed to knock out two thirds of the Earth Defence Force, the Skull and eventually Dai-X. At the end of the day only the supernatural power of the F-01 is enough to bring about its destruction.

So, it's been firmly established that the Imperial Fortress is "nasty". Here are several reasons why...

Beam lasers. These were responsible for inflicting massive losses on the EDF fighter squadrons sent up to engage the Imperial Fortress. Dai-X did a little better against them, but was still damaged when hit by them. There are many of these eye-like gun emplacements all over the Imperial Fortress.

The Imperial Fortress' beam lasers in action

Torpedo launchers. Not quite the same thing as Makara's cruiser uses, these are much longer range weapons used for planetary assault and ship-to-ship assaults. The Imperial Master throws several at the X-Bomber to slow down its approach to Earth, and goes on to use them against EDF ground installations.

The Imperial Fortress launching its torpedoes

When the Imperial Master is in a particularly bad mood, he employs special weapons and rolls out the really heavy artillery...

Electric Solar Energy NetThe Electric Solar Energy Net. Probably not used all that often, but fired at the X-Bomber to impede its progress back to Earth, causing interference with its systems.

Delta Laser firingDelta Laser. This was mentioned in hushed tones earlier in the series when the modified Carter wanted to use it on the X-Bomber. For some reason the Master's advisers aren't keen to use the Fortress' version, but it's fired anyway and wrecks Dai-X.

In addition to its own firepower, the Imperial Fortress also serves as a massive carrier for Imperial Fighters. Earlier in the series Makara's cruiser was actually docked inside the Imperial Fortress. When you consider that the cruiser is several times bigger than X-Bomber, you have an idea of the massive scale of the Fortress. Whether it was actually the Imperial homeworld, or just the Imperial Master's seat of power, isn't entirely clear.

Last updated 14 December 2013

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