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Imperial Vehicles

Funnily enough, there aren't that many ground vehicles in Star Fleet. I mean, there isn't all that much ground in space, really, is there?! However, there are of course times when terra firma is encountered during the series and so we see a grand total of two types of Imperial ground vehicles, and one type does actually play a significant role.

The Imperial troop transport in transit and with its platform raisedThis troop transport is beamed down from Imperial Carriers and used to assault the grounded X-Bomber on Molthane in episode 15. It features a platform which can be raised upwards to give troops access to an elevated position. In the episode in question these troop transports manage to get to a position directly beneath X-Bomber and then raise their platforms to allow them to cut through X-Bomber's hull.

Imperial personnel transportThis personnel transport leaves Makara's ship on the Glacial Planet and takes Lamia and Orion to the underground prison. It doesn't seem to have tracks or visible wheels, so it may be some form of hovercraft or anti-grav vehicle.

Caliban's Death Ball is discussed elsewhere.

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