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EDF Vehicles

As you'd expect, there aren't a huge number of Earth vehicles in the series, but there are some.

Pluto missile launcherThe first is a Pluto based missile launcher which seems to move into position under its own power rather than being a fixed defensive station. Needless to say it didn't have much luck taking out Imperial Fighters...

Moon buggyWhen the X-Bomber crash lands on the Moon after its first engagement with the Imperials, Lamia takes this moon buggy out and races to help the crew with Kirara at her side. Fortunately it's a very fast vehicle, and the circling Imperial Fighters are unable to hit it.

Pluto snow mobileThe lads use this snow mobile to search for Captain Carter on Pluto, with no success.

Lee's Dai-X fighter, LegTrax, also half qualifies as an EDF vehicle because it does have a ground assault mode - more information elsewhere.

Last updated 14 December 2013

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