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Death Mecha

Caliban, creator of the Death MechaThis is a collective term I've come up with to describe the creations of Caliban (right), the Imperial scientist who assists Makara in the second half of the series. As he isn't around in the first half of the series it seems likely that he joins Makara's ship at the Imperial Fortress in order to provide technical support to defeat X-Bomber's advanced weapons. His bionic assassin almost fits into the "mecha" category, but here I'll focus on what I call the Death Planetoid and the Death Ball.

The Death PlanetoidThe Death Planetoid is the name I've given to the object which is encountered by X-Bomber in episode 19 which leads to Dai-X taking off, allowing the bionic assassin to roam the ship freely. Roughly X-Bomber's size, the Death Planetoid proves very resilient to Dai-X's standard weaponry and is capable of mounting combined laser torpedo assaults of its own. This suggests that Caliban has already assessed Dai-X's capabilities and the Death Planetoid is effectively a space-going prototype of the Death Ball. The Death Planetoid is finally destroyed by Dai-X's X-Emitter laser blast.

The Death Ball is the next progression in Caliban's plan to destroy Dai-X. This time he's so confident that he pilots the machine himself. His confidence seems well placed, as the Death Ball is as well armoured against Dai-X's weapons as the Death Planetoid. It also proves capable of delivering short and long range electro-shocks, missile and flamethrower attacks.

Death Ball firing electro-shocks, missiles and flamethrower

However, although Dai-X is knocked down by its attacks, Dai-X then surprises Caliban by using an energy shield to block his flamethrower attack. Dai-X then uses its X-Tracers for the first time, penetrating the Death Ball's armour and destroying the machine. Great balls of fire! (Sorry). Although victorious, Dai-X's energy reserves are totally depleted by the confrontation.

Caliban survives the destruction of the Death Ball and upgrades Makara's cruiser with an energy shield - but again underestimates Dai-X's power or perhaps fails to anticipate an assault by Dai-X on the cruiser. The result? Well, let's just say that Caliban doesn't survive all that much longer than his Death Ball!

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