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STAR FLEET THEME LYRICS (Words & music by Paul Bliss)

Send a message out across the sky
Alien raiders just past Gemini
Who will come and save us now?
Who can defend us from their power?

Star Fleet, Star Fleet
Star Fleet, Star Fleet

Tell the people back at Earth Control
Send Star Fleet legions to save our souls
Always daring and courageous
Oooh, only they can save us

Star Fleet, Star Fleet
Star Fleet, Star Fleet

CREDITS: Star Fleet

A Leah International/Jin Production
Executive producer Kevin Morrison
Producer/directed by Louis Elman
Written by Michael Sloan
Music by Paul Bliss
Production co-ordinator Annie Wallbank
Assistant to producer Nicola Thurgood
Supervising editor Tony Lenny G.B.F.E.
Dialogue editor Roy Taylor
Assistant editors Roy Helmrich, Brian Tilling
Dialogue synchronisation Maggie Dickie
Sound recording Doug Hurring
Recorded at Anvil Studios
Special Sound FX by Theatre 3 Productions
Additional Sound FX Cinesound Effects Library Ltd.
Prints by Rank Film Laboratories
Titles by G.S.E. Ltd.
Produced by Jin Productions
Distributed by Itoman & Co. Ltd.
Overseas distribution Enoki Films Co. Ltd.

C 1980 Jin-Dynamic

First UK broadcast: All networks (London: LWT) Saturday 30 October 1982, 10.00-10.30 a.m.

Voice Actors
Dr. Benn - Peter Marinker
Shiro Hagen - Jay Benedict
Barry Hercules - Constantine Gregory
John Lee - Mark Rolston
Lamia - Liza Ross
General Kyle - Kevin Brennan
Captain Carter - Garrick Hagon
PPA - John Bradley
Commander Makara - Denise Bryer
Captain Orion - Sean Barrett
Imperial Master - Jacob Whitkin


Creator Go Nagai
Producer Kimio Ikeda
Scriptwriter & co-producer Keisuke Fujikawa
Senior Director Michio Mikami
Directors Akira Takahashi, Noriyasu Ogami
X-BOMBER THEME 'Soldier in the Space' by Bow Wow, who charted in the UK with Helter Skelter
Filmed in Supermariorama

First Japanese broadcast on Fuji TV Network, Channel 8, on Saturday 11 October 1980 6.00-6.30 p.m. According to the Japanese Encyclopaedia of the 80s the show was cancelled after episode 12, ending its run on 27 December 1980.


  • US Article: X-Bomber: Star Wars a la Gerry Anderson by Fred Patten in Fantastic Films Vol 3 no 9, June 1981, Blake Publishing Corp, USA
  • UK feature: Look-In no. 44, week ending 30 Oct 1982, 4 page feature, colour centre spread and cover.
  • UK comic strip: Look-In, 8 Jan to 13 Aug 1983, 27 instalments.
  • UK book: Star Fleet Annual 1984, published by World International Publishing Ltd. 69 pages, hard covers.
  • SFXB Additional: Oriental Cinema 8, 1995, for some additional comments - and of course this section of SFXB!

Web sites:
See Links Section.


Videos: UK
The Thalian Space Wars (MYTV 20013)
Badly edited compilation of episodes 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 11

Space Quest for F-01 (MYTV 20012)
Badly edited compilation of episodes 2, 3, 14, 16, 20, 21, 22 and 25
Story editors: Annie Wallbank and Stephen Lovesay

Both titles originally released in 1983 by Thorn EMI on VHS and Betamax. 1987 budget label release by MYTV, incorrectly copyrighted to Harmony Gold USA Inc/IDOL Co. Ltd.

Videos: US
Vol 1 Save The Earth (#20001) episodes 1-3
Vol 2 Revenge of the Robot (#20002) episodes 4-6
Vol 3 Space Lava of Death (#20003) episodes 7-9
Vol 4 The Search for the Skull (#20004) episodes 10-12
Vol 5 Kidnapped (#20005) episodes 13-15
Vol 6 Lost in Space (#20006) episodes 16-18
Vol 7 Attack of the Bionic Robot (#20007) episodes 19-21
Vol 8 Showdown in Space (#20008) episodes 22-24

Released in 1988 by Classic Family Entertainment. Edited compilation mini-movies of 3 consecutive episodes per tape, packaged in sleeves bearing lurid, largely irrelevant illustrations.

Music: UK/US
Star Fleet Project Brian May & Friends (Capitol, MLP 15014)
Three track mini album, single and video
Tracks: Star Fleet, Let Me Out, Blues Breaker
Highest chart position: 65. Three weeks in chart.

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