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Manga Max

The Manga Max article isn't actually the first to be have been published, but it gets pride of place because of its out-and-out thoroughness. As you probably know, Star Fleet isn't a Gerry Anderson puppetry show, and isn't of British origin. Now, this much I knew but not a great deal more. Until an article appeared in aforesaid Manga Max (sadly now defunct), Issue 17, May 2000. Sketches of the characters, how the show came to be, the works - all in one article, plus a link to my site. Lovely!

However, that was only the beginning of the story. It turned out that the published article wasn't the full article - and that there was a Star Fleet cover for the magazine which hadn't been used. It's with great pleasure that I now reproduce the full text of that article, along with some of the associated artwork and new pieces of work from the author and illustrator of the article - Steve Kyte, who talks about the article below:


An abridged version of this article, minus the episode guide, first appeared in the late lamented Manga Max magazine. RIP. My thanks to Toney Kehoe and editor Jonathan Clements for translating portions of the X-Bomber Encyclopaedia, (SFXB: the one book the Star Fleet community hasn't been able to track down!)and to my partner Helen McCarthy for typing and everything else.

Finally, cheers to Andy for setting up this site in the first place and especially for giving me an opportunity to inflict the full version of my labours on YOU! Comments and feedback are always welcome and you can email me at but please note that the X-Bomber Encyclopaedia is long out of print and I can't tell you where to get a copy!

Steve Kyte's text & illustrations are c Steve Kyte and may not be used anywhere in any form without his permission.

Last updated 14 December 2013

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