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Thunder... Thunder... Thundercats, HO!

March 2007 - News Thundercats is now out on DVD in the United Kingdom. There are also some new graphic novels around. More details from the Amazon ad to the right. You can, of course, always show your appreciation of the series in public:

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Although I didn't get caught up in the merchandising for this series, the quality and style of the animation really drew my attention. That and Cheetara, of course. The boys know what I'm talking about! Oh, and yes, I suppose Lion-O's sword was better than He-Man's too. I was never a big He-Man fan though.

Lion-OInteresting thing about Lion-O, him with his big Sword of Omens (oo-er) there. Although his body's now fully grown, because he was in suspended animation during the trip to Third Earth his mind is still very young. So whilst technically the Lord of the Thundercats, he's actually got far less experience than some of the others.

Mumm-RaMumm-RaSay hello to Mumm-Ra the ever-living. He really wants to get his hands on the Sword of Omens and employs various means to try and get it. Only problem is he normally looks like he does on the left. He can invoke the "Ancients spirits of Evil" to turn into the harder bloke on the right - but then he's afraid of his own reflection. Oh dear.

Why does Mumm-Ra want the Sword of Omens? Well, it's just full of mystical goodness as it contains the Eye of Thundera (Thundera being the Thundercats' home planet). The Sword was very clever - it could grow in size to allow Lion-O to a) fight and b) summon the other Thundercats with the "HO!" bit and most intriguingly c) get "sight beyond sight". The latter came in handy for spotting what Mumm-Ra's forces were up to.

Thundercats HO!
Thunder, thunder, THundercats... HO!

Sight Beyond Sight
Give me sight beyond sight...

Lion-O is joined by various other feline refugees. Inevitably, some are more helpful than others - and once again we have the inevitable RAC in Snarf, and also Wile-Kit and Kat to a degree. The others are more use. Panthro is an engineer, Tygra is a skilled tactician who can cloak himself and Cheetara can... run... very... fast. Oh, who cares what she can do, she's hot, alright?! Now, interesting point to note here. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got sanitised for the BBC due to the use of nunchukas - but Panthro uses them as his weapon of choice. What kind of a world do we live in where turtles can't use nunchukas but cats can, I don't know... (mutter mumble)



Cheetara (schwing!)




ThundertankRemember I mentioned Panthro was an engineer? Well the Thundertank here is his pride and joy. Handy for nipping down town to get the Kit-e-Kat in, and if he can't find a parking space - he can MAKE one!

The LairThis is the Lair - the Thundercats' home away from home. I'm not entirely sure how they managed to make this fortress between the half dozen or so of them, although being friendly types they did have a few allies - and their spaceship to cannabilise of course. A big paw lifts up to let the Thundertank come out to play...

Finally, here's the intro video for you plus a link to a more exhaustive site. For, ah, "technical reasons" (!) in order to watch the clip you'll need to right click on the link, select "save target as" and rename the file so that it ends in .wmv rather than .sfxb. The video format is Windows Media Video which modern versions of Windows Mediaplayer will play.

Downloads: Thundercats intro, WMV - remember to rename! (2 MB)
Links: The Eye Of Thundera fan site
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