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Paddington Bear
Please look after this bear!

Classic Animation

This is something of a first for SFXB... I was approached by Abbey Home Media out of the blue and asked if I'd be interested in promoting some new titles. Sadly Star Fleet isn't amongst them, but these are nevertheless real classics of their time, most of which I remember to some degree, and I suspect you will as well.

As Abbey are very kindly giving me press review copies of all the titles as they are prepared, I'll be reviewing them on this page as they come in (and as fast as life allows). For a quick reminder of the series, Abbey have put together this video trailer that I highly recommend you have a look at! (You may need to download it to your system and play it from their using "Save Target As" or equivalent if you have problems).

These are the titles due for release, in release order - the reviews follow. Their titles link to Amazon if you want to order or pre-order them, and all the Abbey press releases are also available here, along with DVD covers as they become available. You may need to right click and save to view them, depending on how your system behaves. Enjoy!

6 February 2006

Paddington Bear | DVD Cover | Press Release

27 February 2006

Perishers | DVD Cover | Press Release

Herbs | DVD Cover | Press Release

Parsley | DVD Cover | Press Release

6 March 2006

The Dream Stone | DVD Cover | Press Release

The Wombles | DVD Cover | Press Release

13 March 2006

Gingerbread Man | DVD Cover | Press Release

Moschops | DVD Cover | Press Release

27 March 2006

Nellie the Elephant | Press Release

24 April 2006

Huxley Pig | Press Release

12 June 2006

Portland Bill | Press Release

10 July 2006 (Provisional)

Hattytown Tales | Press Release


Paddington BearAh, the marmelade chomping peruvian bear himself! This is a very good quality transfer considering its age, with 12 episodes as well as extras to test your Paddington trivia! He was, and remains, an icon of British kids TV and I'm sure he'll be warmly welcomed back into many homes for another generation to enjoy!

Feel free to discuss these shows on the Other 80s Stuff section of the forum.

Last updated 14 December 2013