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Animated Shows

March 2006 - News Just added new pages to this section for Dungeons and Dragons and a release of classic animation by Abbey Home Media, who got in touch with me to offer various goodies prior to their release of titles such as the Dream Stone, Paddington Bear and the Wombles! Pre-eighties granted, but I'm sure a lot of you will remember these oldies with great fondness.

Author's note early 2004 - In a typical quirk of fate, just a year or so after I put these pages together several of the shows detailed or mentioned here are resurfacing, both on the Fox Kids channel and otherwise on DVD (for example, He-Man (also at Amazon)). Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, the Real Ghostbusters, MASK and Ulysses 31 are all airing again - and in some cases also out on DVD. So it seems we don't need to worry quite so much about kids missing out on the quality shows we were exposed to in the 80s after all...! More examples available here.

As I mentioned in the introduction to this section of SFXB, this isn't a comprehensive guide to cartoons and puppetry based shows of the 80s. In fact, it doesn't even include every show that I remember and would like to say something about. Reason being, much as I set out to create a Star Fleet site to preserve the memory of that show, I'm creating these pages to preserve other shows which don't, perhaps, get the attention they deserve. That and the fact I don't have vast amounts of free time!

These pages are just intended to remind you of the series and, where possible, give you the opportunity to get hold of them again. This often means a search on Ebay, although as you may already be well aware there's an ever growing volume of old series coming out on video and DVD. Where the series have been re-released, I'll try and provide you with a link to a retailer. Each page will also give you something to download if possible, plus a link that will allow you to find out more about the series you're interested in.

Incidentally, although I'm not doing "request" pages as such, the number of shows I cover will probably grow dependent on the availability of material for them - which basically means a few images, a logo, and possibly something larger to download. So if you do have material about shows which are similar to the ones already covered please feel free to forward it to me. If it's about a show I'm intending to cover then you'll be credited appropriately. Please note that I'm not covering stuff like Transformers - there's plenty of stuff about that particular series on the web as it is; doesn't mean I didn't like it, but I've got to narrow the range of what I'm trying to cover somehow!

Oh, and incidentally, I know the order of the shows isn't alphabetic - it's in the order I'm adding them!

If you're after information on shows not mentioned here, your best bet is to check the 80s specific links page which will point you in the direction of various sites which specialise in providing this sort of content and links to it.

Last updated 14 December 2013

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