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The characters in Star Fleet were many and varied, with the evil characters being particularly memorable. In the main characters section you'll find more detailed information linking the characters with the voice actors who played them, when known, as well as some details about the less major characters appearing in the series. You can also find larger images of the characters in the gallery and there was a very bright (!) gathering of the characters in a Look In magazine which you can see here.

Shiro, Barry and Lee en route to the Dai-X fighters

These three are Shiro Hagen, Barry Hercules and John Lee - in the series they tend to go by Shiro, Hercules and Lee. Here they're on their way to their Dai-X fighters. They form the core of the crew and are responsible for piloting, gunnery and sensors/comms respectively. Shiro takes things pretty seriously, Hercules is a little more relaxed but gung ho with it and Lee is the real comedy relief, although he does come through when it matters.

Dr Benn Dr Benn commands the X-Bomber. He acts as mentor to the younger pilots and is very calm and almost philosophical under pressure, a constant thorn in Commander Makara's side as she tries to carry out her mission to obtain the F-01.

Commander Makara Commander Makara has been in service with the Imperial Alliance for some time and is under intense pressure to succeed in her mission, so much so that by the end of the series she is utterly obsessed with completing it no matter the personal cost.

Lamia Lamia is initially Dr Benn's assistant at Moonbase, but joins the X-Bomber crew with her guardian Kirara as they set out to discover the truth about what, or who, the F-01 is.

Imperial Master The Imperial Master is Commander Makara's superior and he is hell bent on conquering the universe, either by capturing the F-01 for his own use or by destroying it to eliminate the threat to his plans for total domination.

There are several other key characters in the series, not all of whom actually live to see the end of it! This was just a brief run-down - you can find out more in the main characters section, and of course there's also the episode guide which includes more images of the characters in action as the story unfolds.

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